Open Source Data Collection Tool
Open Source Data Collection Tool, promising a Better Research Registration Database System brings a new level of comfort to remote field research.

This app was built to store researcher's data safely in the cloud. It is meant to be used in remote field locations without internet and free observers from writing tedious notes. is a Progressive Web App running on Heroku with a CouchDb database. Progressive Web App means it installs on any device as an app, just click "save to home screen" on your phone or tablet. It works equally well offline, without Internet access, and can sync data to the cloud once back in reach of civilization again. It has tons of smart features, like error warnings when entering incorrect IDs, or incorrect observations of live birds, that have been found dead previously.

This app was made in collaboration with Azote, a brilliant science communication firm and has been released as open source to help researchers across the world in their everyday field work struggles, and can be downloaded from github. Just get in touch and we can send you a link. For modifications or help setting up your own installation, reach out to us, and we can help make your field data collection dreams come true.

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